From G20 Business to B20 The way through the institutionalization of the B20 Summit

Since its creation in 1999, the G20 aims at supporting the international dialogue and co-operation by integrating the principle of a widened discussion, which takes into account the increasing economic weight of a certain number of countries (such as Brazil, South Africa, China or India). From the first meeting in London, a progressive need of having economic actors and political leaders together emerged.

Five years ago, the German BDI proposed to regularly organize, before each G8 Summit, a meeting of the business organizations of the G8 members. Right after the 2008 crisis had broken out, MEDEF took the lead to gather its counterparts. By renewing these meetings, the Business organizations have learnt to naturally work together and to express common expert opinions and recommendations to their Governments. When the States decided to shift from economic brain-storming sessions composed of 8 members to a decision-making group composed of 20 members, the Business organizations also chose to meet in that format. With each summit, particularly those of Toronto and Seoul, different B20 configurations emerged. France and MEDEF, which took over from Korea and FKI to organize the B20 in 2011, wish to structure it henceforth and to institutionalize it, thus making it a major and permanent event of the next G20 Summits.

Mexico will hold the G20 Presidency after France and will take the lead of the organization of the B20 Summit in 2012.

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