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The Confederation of Employers and Industries of Spain (CEOE), founded in 1977, is the major representative institution of the Spanish business community, with a voluntary membership of over one million companies whose affiliation to the CEOE is channelled through business organizations on territorial basis (autonomous regions, provinces), business organizations on activity basis (agriculture, industry and services) and enterprises.

Smaller firms are represented by the Spanish Confederation of Small and Medium-Sized companies Enterprises (CEPYME), a national organization which is a member of the CEOE.

CEOE is a principal negotiator, defending its member’s interest at regional, national and European level and being the spokesman with the government, public administrations, unions and other economic, political and social powers.

CEOE and CEPYME, as the most representative employer organizations, play a major role in the social dialogue, including participation in all kind of tripartite and bipartite bodies and consultative processes. They are formally represented in more than forty institutions and commissions, such as the Spanish Economic and Social Council and the European Economic and Social Committee in which CEOE coordinates the Spanish business representation.

CEOE and CEPYME are also part of the advising board of the Tripartite Foundation for Training in Employment which is the state entity in charge of promoting and coordinating the execution of public policies in the field of continuing training. It is responsible for the functions of management, technical support, follow-up and control of training initiatives dealing with permanent training and refreshment courses for employed workers, thus contributing to their promotion and to the competitiveness of companies.

CEOE carries out ongoing analyses of the Spanish economy and the social and labour situation, addressed to their affiliates and society at large.

Since its founding, the CEOE has been extremely active internationally, a fact proved by its presence in many international forums and bodies, as well as by the working relationship it maintains with similar organizations the world over.

The CEOE is a member of the following major international economic and employers´ institutions: International Employers´ Organization (IEO), International Labour Office (ILO), The Confederation of European Business (BUSINESSEUROPE), Business and Industrial Advisory Committee to OECD (BIAC).

Another of the CEOE's primary concerns is the world of culture, arts, research and education.

The CEOE Foundation was created in 1984 for the purpose of contributing to the impetus, promotion and development of science and culture in the broadest sense.

The Confederation, as well, devotes special attention to perfecting business management techniques through a programme covering a wide range of courses and seminars for executives that are offered in its training centres on a regular basis. It also organizes several programmes that, in conjunction with various academic and professional institutions, are intended for young students who wish to begin a business career or gain a certificate in business related disciplines.

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