Confindustria Italy
Union for Employers who become members at their own will. It represents all sectors businessmen’s interests. Through this association, entrepreneurs seek to be represented within the labor and social environments. Free association of above 36K members, speak for itself of the Union’s independence, strength and moral authority.

To strive by means of the union and representation of voluntarily affiliated businessmen, for a culture of entrepreneurial excellence, for the foundation of a socially responsible market. Economy and for the participation of citizenship in favor of a fairer and freer Mexico, prosperous and respectful of the human being, the truth and law, and therefore fitter to pursue a general welfare and to fight against misery.

Coparmex is an unavoidable icon for the entrepreneurial sector and for society in general because of its significant contribution to the country’s business development and competitiveness, for its doctrine, congruence and leadership together with its summoning capacity, as well as for its proposal and influence, for its presence and for possessing assets of its own that ensure its permanence and independence .
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