Keidanren Japan
Keidanren (Japan Business Federation) is a comprehensive economic organization born in May 2002 by amalgamation of Keidanren (Japan Federation of Economic Organizations) and Nikkeiren (Japan Federation of Employers' Associations). Its membership of 1,603 is comprised of 1,281 companies, 127 industrial associations, and 47 regional economic organizations (as of June 15, 2011). Its mission is to accelerate growth of Japan's and world economy and to strengthen the corporations to create value to transform Japanese economy into one that is sustainable and driven by the private sector, by encouraging the idea of individuals and local communities. Keidanren, for this purpose, shall establish timely consensus and work towards resolution of a variety of issues concerning Japanese business community. Meanwhile, it will communicate with its stakeholders including political leaders, administrators, labor unions, and citizens at large. It will urge its members to adhere to Charter of Corporate Behavior and Global Environment Charter, in order to recover public confidence in businesses. It will also attempt to resolve international problems and to deepen economic relations with other countries through policy dialogue with governments, business groups and concerned international organizations.
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