MEDEF France

MEDEF is the leading network of entrepreneurs in France with 800,000 member firms, 90% of whom are SMEs with less than 50 employees.  It defends and promotes business of every size and in every sector.

At the national level

A privileged partner in the dialogue with decision-makers

MEDEF is permanently engaged in lobbying decision-makers at the local, regional, national and European levels, in order to ensure that the point of view of business is heard and its fiscal and regulatory burdens relieved: professional-tax reform, apprenticeship, company transmissions, cessation of contracts…

An essential partner in the social dialogue

Legally empowered to negotiate on behalf of firms with government and unions, MEDEF conducts all the important inter-professional negotiations.  It devotes special efforts to fostering an effective job market and a modern, efficient, welfare system.

A determined force for change

MEDEF dialogues with all the protagonists of civil society, even those who are traditionally far from the business environment, such as the younger generations, teachers, journalists, magistrates, local councilors, artists.  In partnership with other actors, it launches concrete initiatives.

At the international level

Globalization poses a new challenge that involves not thinking of France and its future without simultaneously considering Europe and the rest of the world.  MEDEF promotes the interests of business internationally by mobilizing its efforts in favor of competitiveness, innovation and training.  In Brussels, along with other business organizations all gathered within BusinessEurope, MEDEF closely cooperates with the Commission and the Parliament so that every community initiative takes into account the competitiveness of businesses.  MEDEF is also involved with the WTO and the OECD activities.

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