The B20 priorities 12 topics crucial to the business community

The B20 is organized around twelve topics, which are crucial to the Business community and that we believe are priorities for the G20. The Presidents of the business confederations of the G20 countries, as well as 120 CEOs and Chairmen from a number of global companies have been working together for several months.  They are gathered in 12 working groups which are co-chaired by a company CEO and a President of business organization to elaborate concrete proposals. These proposals will be presented to the Head of State and Government and taken into account in the G20 final conclusions.

Economic policies Reorient G20 priorities to adapt them to the new global economic context.
Financial Regulation A need for accurate and balanced reforms ensuring secure and fluid capital markets for the financing of enterprises and the economy.
International Monetary System Proposals for a more stable, predictable and resilient international monetary system.
Commodities and Raw Materials Increasing the overall efficiency of commodity and raw material markets: transparency, visibility, better access and better global level playing field.
Development and food security How to ensure food security and promote sustainable economic growth in developing countries.
Employment & Social Dimension Insert jobs and social protection at the heart of growth policies.
Anti-Corruption Corruption is an intolerable impediment to fair competition and sustainable global development. States and businesses must act together within a G20/B20 partnership.
Trade & Investment Trade and investment, important sources of growth and employment, become a powerful tool in times of crisis. Freedom and multilateral rules are at the center of the B20 debates.
ICT and Innovation Innovation and ICT as key elements to foster growth, employment and economic recovery.
Global Governance In a world constantly changing, with new and evolving challenges, it is essential to enhance the international cooperation among States, associating economic stakeholders to this process.
Energy Find the right balance between security supply, competitiveness and response to the environmental and climate change challenges.
Green Growth Greening the economy means growing the economy.
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