What is the B20? What is the B20?

The Business 20 (B20) is an event which is part of the G20 Summit: it is meant to express common views from the international business community. More specifically, its main purpose consists in developing recommendations and issuing relevant commitments from the business leaders and business organizations to deal with nowadays issues.

After the successful B20 Summit which took place in Seoul in 2010, France wishes to take up the challenge by going further with the efforts made.

It is within the framework of the G8 and G20 French Presidency, that this year President Nicolas Sarkozy has given mandate to MEDEF, the French business confederation gathering 800 000 companies, to organize the B20 Summit. This event will take place in Cannes on November, 2nd and 3rd concomitantly with the G20 Heads of State and Government’s Summit.

The B20 is organized around twelve topics, which are crucial to the Business community and that we believe are priorities for the G20. The Presidents of the business confederations of the G20 countries, as well as 120 CEOs and Chairmen from a number of global companies have been working together for several months.  They are gathered in 12 working groups which are co-chaired by a company CEO and a President of business organization to elaborate concrete recommendations. These proposals will be presented to the Head of State and Government and taken into account in the G20 final conclusions.

The involvement of such a rich panel of prominent business leaders - across regions and industries - provides adequate expertise and legitimacy to express views of the Business Community as a whole.

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