COMCE Mexico

The Mexican Business Council for Foreign Trade, Investment and Technology (COMCE)

COMCE is the initiative of the Mexican private sector to have an organization dedicated to promote foreign trade, investment and the development of technology.

The national organization of COMCE was integrated in 1999 as a result of the merger of two private sector organizations: the Mexican Business Council for Foreign Affairs (CEMAI) which had been created in the 50’s, and the National Council for Foreign Trade (CONACEX).

COMCE is a private, non-profit organization representing the Mexican business sector in the international area.  It plays a leading role in the promotion and implementation of policies designed to help Mexican companies insert effectively into globalization.  Promotes Mexican exports, foreign direct investment to Mexico and technology transfer and development.

COMCE bases its operation in about 70 bilateral business committees with different countries, maintaining and developing the objectives of COMCE with any given country. Bilateral business committees are composed of business leaders with extensive international experience, which aim to promote the business interests of Mexico in the respective country.

Create and develop business relationships with similar organizations abroad as an efficient instrument to unify international policies and actions of the Mexican private sector.

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