FKI South Korea

▣ Chairman : Chang-Soo Huh

▣ Introduction
The Federation of Korean Industries (FKI) was established in 1961 to advance the national economy through realization of a market economy and embodiment of entrepreneurship.
By helping rational industrial relations firmly take root, and voicing alternatives to the government to ease regulations on corporate activities, the Federation has been devoting itself to improving the management environment with a view to enhancing national competitiveness.
Being proactive in conducting private business diplomacy, and taking the lead in facilitating globalization of its members, it has been aggressive in promoting their international business.
On top of this, by alerting domestic businesses to a need for corporate social responsibility (CSR), it is now committed to encouraging them to be more actively involved in philanthropic programs, and to remain more faithful to ethical and transparent management practices.

▣ Major Activities
- Proposing alternatives for national economic progress
- Strengthening industrial competitiveness and foster new growth engines
- Improving corporate management environment
- Spreading principles of a market economy, business ethics, transparency, and win-win strategies.
- Strengthening private business cooperation and supported global operations of Korean businesses

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